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SUJI PARK, is an international entrepreneur who has built a career around her love of fine food.

Suji is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute (now the International Culinary Center) where she honed her appreciation of good food and good food-business management techniques. She has spent 10 years building her business in Asia, with a restaurant group in Seoul and Tokyo which offers authentic New York-style deli; a retail line of products that provides Korean and U.S. flavors to consumers in Japan, and U.S. and Japanese flavors to retail customers in Korea.

Her four separate businesses provide cross-cultural flavors to today’s health-conscious consumers on both sides of the Pacific. Already well-established in Seoul and Tokyo with restaurants and retail offerings, her rapidly-growing U.S.-based endeavor, Suji’s Korean Cuisine, is now bringing the flavors of her native Korea to America’s kitchens.