Real. Korean. Simple

Authentic flavors, simple ingredients, and convenience are at the core of everything that we do. Our mission is to make Korean food uncomplicated, approachable, and enjoyable. From clean-label sauces to heat-and-eat Korean BBQ and single-serve entrees we offer a full-line of premium products that make it easy to enjoy the true-to-culture flavors of Korea.

Good Food Promise

At Suji’s, we are in the business of making good food. Food that makes you feel good, that puts a smile on your face, and may even elicit a little happy dance.  We believe that making food that is good for you means using wholesome, real ingredients that are easy to understand. Our Good Food Promise means that we want to share the goodness of Korean food in a meaningful way, to create moments of personal connection built around a love of good food.


From introducing advanced food technologies to finding new expressions of authentic Korean flavors for a mainstream American audience, we are continually looking for fresh new ways to push the envelope when it comes to innovation. We combine the flavors of centuries-old recipes with the latest food trends & technologies to create a one of a kind food experience your taste buds are sure to remember.

We Are Global  

Fluent in the languages and food cultures of Korea, Japan, and the United States, we consider ourselves “translators” of food experiences. We preserve the authenticity and original intent of flavors but present these tastes in ways that are comfortable, wholesome and familiar.

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